Speech and Language Support at Greave




Say Hello to our Speech and Language Team


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 Sophie Butters is our Speech and Language Therapist and is based at Greave for either one morning and one afternoon per week 




 Mrs Edwards is the SENCO at Greave and works with the children Monday -Thursday each week





Speech and Language Teaching Assistant and Pastoral Manager Mrs Clarke is based at school and works with the children every day




What are Speech, Language and Communication Needs?

Some children and young people find it difficult to listen, understand and communicate with others and may need support to develop the surprising number of skills involved.

Check out this link for more details:   https://www.afasic.org.uk/about-talking/what-are-speech-language-and-communication-needs-slcn/



Children living in the Stockport area are also seen by the following NHS Core Service SLT Services as part of the Stockport Local Offer:

Speech, Language, Interaction and Communication (SLICS) SLT: Trish O’Neill

Special Needs Service: Pam Barr

Specialist Fluency SLTs

SLT's at the Child Development Unit (CDU, Stepping Hill Hospital – Pre-School Only)


Communication is everyone’s business! We provide advice and plans to help support the children we are working with within the wider school environment as well as during individual and small group sessions.  The work we do meets the different levels of need throughout the school:




Universal Support

Inclusive, Quality First Teaching for all

Advice/ recommendations/training for staff regarding strategies including use of visual supports as well as other areas outlined in the Stockport Entitlement Framework https://stockport.fsd.org.uk/kb5/stockport/fsd/service.page?id=jbXBlqMyV_g


Targeted Support

Additional Interventions

Assessment and intervention groups focusing on supporting children to develop skills in the following areas: Attention/Listening, Early Language/Concepts, Receptive Language (Understanding), Expressive Language (Production), Speech Sound Awareness/ Production, Social Skills.


Specialist Support

Additional and Highly Personalised Interventions

One-to-one assessment and personalised intervention plans for individual children, supporting them to develop skills in the above areas. Parents are often invited to attend sessions to support generalisation of skills/progress to the home environment.




SALT Information and Website Links



 If your child is currently on Kirsty's caseload and you’d like to get in touch about your child’s therapy plan/recommendations during the current school closure, you can email her at kirsty.stamp@stockport.nhs.uk