At Greave primary school we aim to deliver an engaging and inclusive history curriculum in line with the national curriculum. We will support the children's understanding of chronology by delivering our history  curriculum largely in a sequenced chronological order in conjunction with timelines, allowing  children to develop their understanding of historical concepts and the passing of time as they move through school. Through an enquiry based approach children will develop their curiosity of the past and the world around them, asking and exploring historically valid questions and reporting their findings by drawing on knowledge and skills from across the curriculum. They will learn the fundamental elements of what it means to be a historian and will learn to research, question and compare information they encounter, progressing their understanding of knowledge and skills as they journey through school.



We will develop a comprehensive curriculum map to ensure national curriculum coverage and chronology is delivered.  The development of a progression of skills document to ensure key skills and knowledge are covered throughout school. We will embrace a child led approach to instil a love of learning history through the introduction of an enquiry approach. This will develop skills and aid knowledge retention. Staff will produce enquiry based overviews, led by the children's enquiry, for each unit to ensure that children have ownership of their learning and teachers have an accessible assessment document at the end of the unit of study. Both cross curricular and explicit teaching, is essential to ensure coverage of all skills. Delivery of key vocabulary through repetition and every day use. Pupil voice and termly monitoring of unit overviews – sample book looks.



Ultimately we will see our children leaving for secondary school as confident historians, hungry to learn more. They will be confident in asking questions and in using historical vocabulary and will have a clear perspective of the passing of time and how the study of history impacts the present. Unit overviews will show progression of key skills through and beyond each year group. Pupil voice will show growing understanding and engagement. Celebrations of children's work on display around school, which children understand and are proud of. This will show clear progress through school.

Black History Month

Last month was Black History Month. At Greave we celebrated this important event across school by exploring different black individuals who have made significant contributions to their field.


In Early Years they learnt about Ngadi Smart, a black British artist. She designed the poster below for the National History Museum for an event celebrating Black natural history. The children then created their own collage in the style of Ngadi.




In Year 1 and 2 they read Floella Benjamin's book, 'Coming to England' about her journey to the UK.

They then mapped her journey and wrote about Floella's feelings as she embarked on the crossing.


Year 3 and 4 explored the life of Bayard Rustin who was a prominant figure in the civil rights movement. His life was controversial at the time due to being gay and black, and he spent time in prison for protesting.



Year 5 used the book 'Hidden Figures. The True story of four Black Women and the Space Race' to explore the contributions of Black women in the field of science.



Year 6 listened to some poems by Black spoken word artists. They learnt a poem by J chambers which is about his Black British experience and the fight for equality, which they performed to the rest of the school.

You can listen to some of the poems we explored, including the one by J Chambers, on the link below.




History in EYFS

EYFS_History.docx .docx

Curriculum map for years 1 to 6

Curriculum_map.docx .docx

Skills coverage for each year group.

Year_6.docx .docx
Year_5.docx .docx
Year_3_4_B.docx .docx
Year_3_4_A.docx .docx
Year_2.docx .docx
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