PTA/Friends of Greave School

What is FROGS?

(Friends And Relatives Of Greave School)

Parent involvement is essential for a successful PTA – and at Greave Primary School, we are lucky enough to have a buzzing community of parents, relatives and friends who contribute to making fund raising events at school great fun - and hugely successful!
Unlike other PTA’s, we are all about relationships, and to us, a PTA is just too official, so in 2012, we decided to rename the PTA to FROGS.
FROGS is not just a board of a few select parents - all parents and relatives of children in Greave Primary School, automatically become a member, therefore everyone's input is incredibly important to it's success.
Alongside this framework we have a small team, mainly acting as Chair, Treasurer and Secretary who oversee and coordinate events such as discos, fairs and all other fundraising activities.


Who Are We?

 Kerry Grycuk – Chair

Rowena Hesford & Simone Toolan – Secretary

Jenni Taylor and Amanda Oakden – Treasurer


What We Do

Details of meetings will be given on the FROGS Facebook page and school newsletters. We hold regular meetings to plan these fundraising events and discuss ideas. Our meetings often double as fun social events or get together's with other FROGS members!, so everyone is welcome! In short, we raise money for our school and create memories for our children.
We run events throughout the school year such as the Summer and Christmas fairs, school discos and other small fundraising events throughout the year.
The money raised at these events goes towards benefiting our children and enhancing school resources. 


How You Can Help

Here are just a few of the ways that you can join in the fun and help;
Come along to the FROGS meetings, dates will be posted on the FROGS Facebook page and on the school newsletter.
Assist in advertising and promoting events.
Get involved in the preparation/setting up of our events
Write to local businesses asking for raffle prize donations
Assist in setting up the event venues and equipment
Help design event posters, tickets and flyers
Volunteer to help on a stall at a school fair

If you'd like to get involved – contact 


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