Come and see what we do!

If you would like your child to attend Greave Primary our admission arrangements are below. 

We welcome school visits prior to any admission application to give families a taster of everything we have to offer. These visits are a fantastic opportunity to get a feel for what we do, meet our staff and see us in action. 

Please feel free to give us a call and arrange a tour of the school with a member of our Senior Leadership Team.

We are very flexible and can find a time and date to suit your needs.

Making an application

All applications for a Nursery or Primary School place are made online via your local council website.
For Stockport Council this is


Dates to Remember



Nursery Admission Dates



 How Does it Work?

School applications open on different dates in different areas, usually near the beginning of the autumn term of the year before your child is due to start Reception for primary school places.
 On the form, you will be asked to list your top choices of school in order of preference. You must be allowed to list at least three schools.

After the closing date, the Local Authority (LA) will put your child’s name on the list for each of the schools you have listed. Their position on the list will depend on how well your child fits the school’s admission criteria – for example, they may be higher up a school’s list if you live very near to it.

The equal preference system means that at this stage, the order in which you ranked the schools will not be taken into account. Your child will be put on the list for every school you have applied to.
Each school has a published admission number (PAN): the number of places it has to offer. The LA will mark up the names at the top of each school’s list, up to its PAN. This is known as the School List. Those children whose names fall outside the PAN will be placed on a waiting list.

If your child’s name appears on only one School List, your child will be offered a place at that school, regardless of where it ranked in your preferences.

If your child is on more than one School List, the LA will then take into account the order in which you ranked the schools on your common application form.
Your child will be offered a place at the school that you ranked highest. This happens around March 1 for secondary places and April 16 for Reception places.

If your child isn’t allocated a place at any of your ranked schools, the LA will allocate a place at the nearest school with a space.

If you have been offered a school that wasn’t your first choice, your child will remain on the waiting list for any other schools that you ranked higher than the one they have been offered. If a vacancy then comes up because another child decides not to accept a place, the LA will allocate the place to the next child on the waiting list. You can find out where your child is on the waiting list by contacting the admissions authority: this is the LA for community schools and voluntary controlled schools, the academy trust for academies, or the governing body for foundation or voluntary aided schools.


Information on Applying
Admissions Information


School Admissions Policy 2022/23



SEND and Greave

At Greave Primary School we are committed to equal opportunities for each and every one of our pupils.
We strive to remove barriers to learning to ensure that all children can reach their full potential, whatever their special educational need or disability (SEND). 

Whilst we strive to be as inclusive as possible, we recognise that sometimes, to achieve their potential, children need very different strategies, teaching styles or learning provisions. The Headteacher, SENDCO, teachers and support staff work with parents/carers and outside agencies to ensure the best approaches possible are used in order to support children with SEND.

Our SENDCO Mrs Edwards is always on hand to provide support and answer any questions you may have.  

For further information please visit