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At Greave primary school we aim to deliver a balanced and inclusive  geography curriculum, fulfilling the requirements of the national curriculum and ensuring the progressive development of geographical concepts, knowedge and skills.

We encourage a curiosity of people and places through an enquiry  based approach and an understanding of the planet’s diverse human and physical processes.

As a school with a passion for the environment we strive to  empower our children with an understanding of local , national and global ecological issues and provide them with the skills and knowledge to make positive changes within, and beyond, our school environment.



To develop a comprehensive curriculum map to ensure national curriculum coverage and consistency of delivery alongside a progression of skills document to ensure key skills and knowledge are covered.

Embracing a child led approach to instill a love of learning geography through the Introduction of an enquiry approach  which will develop skillsand aid knowledge retention.Staff will produce enquiry based  overviews for each unit, using enquiry questions, alongside our history topics if supporting. Include cross curricular and explicit teaching to ensure all skills are covered. Delivery of key vocabulary through repetition and every day use. Pupil voice and termly monitoring of unit overviews – sample book looks.

Maximise opportunities for fieldwork to encourage understanding the world we live in.



We will see our children reach year 6 with an understanding and recognition of their contribution to, and responsibilities for, their locality, their country and the global community. Our children will leave Greave with the passion and knowledge to make positive changes in an increasingly fragile world.

 Unit overviews will show progression of key skills through and beyond each year group.

Pupil voice will show growing understanding and engagement.

Celebrations of children's work on display around school, which children understand and are proud of. This will show clear progress through school.


Geography in EYFS

EYFS_Geography.docx .docx

Curriculum map for year 1 to 6

Curriculum_map.docx .docx

Skills coverage for each year group

Year_6.docx .docx
Year_5.docx .docx
Year_3_4_B.docx .docx
Year_3_4_A.docx .docx
Year_2.docx .docx
Year_1.docx .docx