Modern Foreign Languages





Greave Primary School intends to use the Language Angels scheme of work and resources to ensure we offer a relevant, broad, vibrant and ambitious modern foreign languages curriculum that will inspire and excite our pupils using a wide variety of topics and themes.


At Greave, our intention is to develop a genuine interest and positive curiosity about modern foreign languages, so that pupils feel stimulated and are working towards becoming life-long language learners.






At Greave, KS2 classes have access to a high-quality MFL curriculum using the Language Angels scheme of work and resources. We continuously update and review all content annually, creating a dynamic programme of study that is clearly outlined in both long-term and short-term planning. Our modern foreign languages curriculum includes the four key language learning skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing and covers all necessary grammar in an age-appropriate way.



Through the use of planning supported by the Language Angels scheme we aim to ensure that eventually children are accessing work at age related expectations. They will be able to recognise and apply key vocabulary within conversations and will be challenged in a range of speaking and listening, reading and writing activities.


You can view our MFL curriculum map for 2021-22 here.

You can read our MFL Intent, Implement and Impact Policy here.

European Language Day 2021

This year we celebrated 20 years of the European Language Day at Greave Primary School. It was a fantastic event where all children from Nursery to Year 6 got involved in the language learning. It was great to have parents and visitors on board, teaching the children language skills in every class.