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Early Birds and Night Owls 

Early Birds

All children are welcome from 7:30am where their Early Birds session starts. All children are provided with a healthy and nutritious breakfast with a choice of cereal, toast, fruit and yogurt. Children have a range of different activities and games to choose from in Early Birds.


Night Owls

Night Owls is open from 3:10pm to 5.45pm with a range of flexible bookings to meet parents needs. All children on arrival will be signed in on our register and any children attending any extracurricular activities after school will be registered upon arrival. 

Whilst in Night Owls all children are provided with a healthy light snack after the register has been taken. All snacks given are light and nutritious with a variety of options throughout the week.


In Early Birds and Night Owls all children are offered the chance to engage in the main activity alongside other games and entertainment. There is a full range of toys, games and activities to cover all age groups and we offer flexibility if children show a particular interest e.g. pirates.




Sessions and Prices

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Early Birds: 7:30am to 8:45am (including breakfast)


Night Owls B: 3:10pm to 4:30pm

Night Owls Session C: 3:10pm to 5:45pm

Session G: Additional club (e.g football, dance) followed by Night Owls



Early Birds: £7.00 (including breakfast)


Night Owls Session B: £7.00

Night Owls Session C: £10.00

Night Owls Session G: £6.00



30 Hours Childcare

If your child attends Nursery and is entitled to 30 hours free childcare, then you are able to use your hours in Early Birds and Night Owls. We offer activities and learning opportunities through play in both Early Birds and Night Owls.


Meet The Team

Mrs Mcloughlin - Early Birds and Night Owls Manager

Miss Bennett - Early Birds and Night Owls Deputy Manager

Mrs Davies - playworker

Miss Baskeyfield - playworker

Miss Hodrien - playworker

Miss Coles - playworker

Miss Mcloughlin - playworker


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