What is our INTENT?

At Greave, we create confident and enthusiastic mathematicians with the skills and knowledge needed to reason confidently and solve mathematical problems with confidence, so that all children make at least good progress. We want children to develop a love and excitement for number whilst developing the skills and knowledge needed to help in their future education and beyond.  We ensure that all children make good progress in their fluency in maths so they are able to make confident links and choices when problem solving. Our maths curriculum is structured to give frequent planned opportunities for children to explore and play with numbers as well as a daily maths lesson. This creates confidence in fluency alongside developing the children’s enjoyment and resilience when looking for patterns and solving problems. Lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of all children whilst ensuring that every child is given opportunities to reason and apply throughout our teaching regardless of ability. To support children who encounter barriers to success in maths, we are using our Learning Support Service to identify gaps in prior learning and devise support programs alongside in class interventions. All staff are involved in staff training. CPD throughout the year will continue to deepen staff’s understanding of the three aims of the Maths Curriculum and how to deliver the best opportunities for our children in maths.

How do we IMPLEMENT?

Within our school day, we strive to give children the opportunities to develop fluency with key facts alongside developing reasoning and problem solving skills. We ensure consistency in the delivery of maths  and children have carefully planned opportunities to make decisions in maths, applying and deepening their understanding. Maths boxes are available for children to select equipment to support their thinking and cohesive imagery to support calculations is used across the whole school.

What will be the impact?

By the end of the school year, we want children to be fluent in the key skills which enables them to solve problems with confidence and enjoyment. We want the children to have a good knowledge of the key strategies to use when solving problems and a secure understanding of the mathematical language needed to discuss and explain their mathematical thinking. It is important for us to understand that the progress of the children should not be defined by hitting the next data point, rather they should be engaging with the curriculum that we have developed, which, in turn, will show progress.

Times Tables at Greave

What is taught in each year group at Greave?

Each year group covers the curriculum objectives from the National curriculum which can be found below. Our school's calculation policy is designed to support the children's learning through images and models which lead into more formal calculation strategies. The calculations and their imagery for each year group can be found on the Maths Strategies page.