World Religion Day 2021 | The Review of Religions

Religious Education  

Religious Education Intent

At Greave we want our pupils to be respectful, knowledgeable and well-informed citizens of the future, through our RE curriculum. We believe it is that is important that all pupils learn about different religions and world views so that they understand and respect the diverse world we live in. RE is taught throughout the school and supports the British values we instil in our pupils as well reflecting our own school values. We strive to encourage and support every pupil through an enquiry approach to their learning as it challenges pupils to question and stimulate their curiosity and understanding, leading to inquisitive learners. Throughout our pupils journey through school, they will recognise different religions in their local community, as well as religious figures throughout history and look at religion as a global context.  They will learn to research, question, and compare the information they discover. This will ensure our pupils have the skills and knowledge to be informed citizens as they prepared for their future when they step out in their own community but also into the big wide world.

Religious Education Implement

Our RE curriculum is planned to follow the Stockport Local Authority RE scheme that has been agreed by SACRE, it aims to engage and enthuse learners through relevant and reflective themes, objectives and questions. The curriculum is planned and sequenced to allow pupils to build upon prior knowledge, broadening their understanding which will provide lasting skills and knowledge for them to use today, tomorrow and in their future. RE is taught through an enquiry based approach to learning. During our lessons, pupils are encouraged to ask questions as it allows them to use their creativity and imagination, in turn delving deeper into religious practices and worldly views. We want to equip our pupils to not only meet the requirements of our local SACRE but to prepare them for all opportunities, experiences and responsibilities in later life.


In Early Years, RE is taught through our stimulating and engaging topics throughout the year. The most relevant and fitting statements for RE from the EYFS framework and from Development Matters; come under the area of learning of ‘Personal, Social and Emotional Development’ and ‘Understanding the World’.


Key Stage 1 and 2

In KS1, pupils are taught the knowledge, skills and understanding of different religions and world views. They begin to recognise different beliefs in their local community but also in the wider world. Pupils are encouraged to expand their thinking as they question and express their views in context to what they are studying. In KS2, pupils are taught to expand and extend their knowledge, skills and understanding through deeper enquiry and reflection. Pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 consider the impact of beliefs and practices in greater detail and respond to more philosophical questions. Pupils are supported to raise questions to broaden their knowledge as this encourages them to value different practices and interpret different religious beliefs.


Religious Education Impact

Through our curriculum children are able to;

  • Celebrate our community at Greave Primary School
  • Inspires creative learning through excellent teaching practices that build on prior knowledge
  • Embraces our local community but also celebrates the diverse world we live in
  • It is inclusive, develops self-confidence and identifies that all our children are unique and therefore we should all be tolerant of each other’s beliefs 
  • Differentiation is facilitated by teachers, to ensure that each pupil can access the RE curriculum
  • Our Assessment Tracker allows us to use data to inform future practice
  • Promotes equality and understanding of the British values
  • When possible, we promote cross-curriculum opportunities to enhance and elevate children learning, through art, drama, music, dance and debate/discussions

The impact of our inclusive curriculum will lead to positive development and progression of our pupil’s knowledge and skills in RE throughout their journey at Greave. Our pupils will be expected to leave Greave Primary reaching at least age-related expectations for RE and with a secure understanding and knowledge of different religions and worlds views. We want our engaging and enticing curriculum to ensure all pupils are confident, inquisitive and most of all respectful citizens.