Greave Eco Committee




Our Eco-Committee here at Greave is made up of staff and children who are passionate about making our school and community more sustainable and helping us become more aware of green issues. The children are the driving force behind the Committee which meets on a regular basis to discuss new ideas and plan activities aimed at increasing environmental awareness.


. The committee benefits the whole school, pupils and teachers because it provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings as well as influence decisions that are made. Pupils of the committee develop skills such as confidence, communication and a better understanding of of the world around us and how we can make better environmental decisions. 


 The Eco-Committee has introduced a number of initiatives ranging from posting signs around school reminding us to turn off lights when not in use and completely stopping the use of plastic cups in school.  




Greave is registered with Eco-Schools, an international programme which aims to help schools make sustainability an integral part of school life.