Greave Art Gallery

Welcome to our online Greave Art Gallery. This section of the website will be updated with photographs and videos of our Art Work. We will be adding pictures from each year group-so keep an eye out! We hope you enjoy it.


Our Art vision is to creatively explore ideas through experimentation.


At Greave Primary School children explore and develop their skills and creativity using a wide range of media. We value the use of the sketch books and encourage the importance of experimentation, exploration and developing ideas in imaginative ways.


Our curriculum is enriched by inviting artists into school to work with the children and staff. We also organise trips for the children to explore art in galleries and museums.


"This world is but a canvas to our imagination."

Henry David Thoreau


"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Napoleon Bonaparte


Year 1

At the beginning of Year 1, the children painted beautiful self-portraits. They are displayed outside 1C and 1M classrooms.

Year 1 children used different types of lines to create a 'mad hair day' drawing in their sketchbooks.

The children expanded the images of the African animals by drawing different types of lines.

Year 1 children got creative making Autumn foliage paintings using printing and sponging techniques. The pictures are displayed outside 1M and 1C classrooms.

Year 1 children loved reading the book "The Naughty Bus" by Jan and Jerry Oke and created some wonderful pictures of London buses using watercolours. The pictures are displayed in the classroom.

Year 1 children listened to music and worked expressively with a variety of media, to collaboratively create a single large piece of art, inspired by water, adding sea creatures and sea plants, inspired by artists David Hockney and Vija Celmins.

Year 1 children painted a large scale grandfather clock for the pumpkin competition. Our amazing JB built it for the children using recycling materials and the children designed it and painted it.

Year 1 children took photos of their hands and then painted a red poppy. The beautiful pictures were displayed in the corridor. 

Poppy field perspective painting -Remembrance Day art project by year one children. 

Lego Printing: Year 1 children made own printing designs using lego bricks. Here are some of the children's designs.

Drawing with 2D shapes: The children drew around 2D shapes and created their artwork. The children also learned about the Russian artist Kandinsky and it was lovely to see some elements of his style in their artwork. 

Look what year 1 did with colourful autumn leaves. Year 1 spotted deciduous and evergreen trees.

Painting Valentine love hearts ♥ in the style of Kandinsky. 

Colour mixing: The children created different shades of green and painted each finger a different shade. Then they painted different lines in a contrasting colour using thin brushes. In the end they named each shade: crocodile green, lime green, broccoli green, pear green, Greave green. 

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Blossom tree printing: The children sketched and then painted branches of a cherry tree and then used the bottoms of the bottles to print blossom pictures independently. We are very proud of this artwork! One of values at Greave is independence and the children certainly proved that they can do printing independently and sensibly. 

Year 2

Year 2 children made beautiful rainbows and wrote inspirational messages. 

Year 2 children made raging collages of the Great Fire of London in 1666. 

Year 2 children made stunning collages about their likes and future dreams.

Year 2 children learned about the work of Max Ernst and took rubbings of different textures (lego, leaves) using different media of their choosing.

Year 2 children created tonal drawings of the solar system, using colourful pastels and chalks.

Year 2 learnt about Bonfire Night this week. They used black paper as a silhouette for the houses, they then used chalk and glitter to bring their fireworks to life. 

Year 3/4

The children made beautiful collages of their interpretation of the Flood by Alvaro Villa.  

The children have been mark making, creating their own stamps and then creating a repetitive pattern.

We have also been using Charcoal to create and then rotate an image. We have linked this to our Science unit on Living things and their habitats. 

Volcano art: The children used charcoal, chalk and red, orange, yellow pastels to create pictures of erupting volcanoes. 

Year 5

Year 5 children created a picture of a house from observation, looking closely at the detail to interpret it accurately.

Year 5 children selected an area from the previous drawing, using a cropping method and created their own ink print.

The children sketched the Toten Pole with detail in the sketchbook and then drew it on the big scale. 

Year 6

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Gallery - image 1
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