School Meals

School Meals at Greave

Our school meals for pupils are provided by Dolce. Dolce ensure that each school dinner has a fresh, homemade taste. From a heart warming toad in the hole meal to a succulent roast dinner carved on the hotplate, our menu's deliver diversity and great nutrition. Vegetables are fresh, firm and full of vitamins, and our meat carefully selected to ensure high quality

Free School Meals

If you think you may be entitled to Free School Meals please apply here

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Benefits for you & your child

· You can pay by Direct Debit

· Direct Debit means no hassle finding correct cash

· You can pre-order online for up to a term in one go

· Or you can let your child order in class each morning

· You can easily track your account online

· Monthly direct statements show you what your child ate

· You can view all recipes online, including cooking method, nutrition and artificial ingredients

· Our parent feedback system keeps you more in touch

· Your children get the dish they want, every day

· Cooks can be shown dietary notes when serving your child

· Your child will have less queuing at lunchtime

Dolce Payment Procedure