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Worries and Wishes





If you or your child have any concerns or worries it helps to speak to someone about them.


At Greave Primary we have a dedicated "Worries and Wishes post box" which is a tool that will provide pupils with the opportunity to let the school, teachers and their peers know how they are feeling about anything in school - this can be made anonymously if preferred.


Worries and Wishes is a post box for pupils to post their worries (things they would like to change or concerns they may have about something in school) and wishes (things they would like to see happen or ideas for the school).


The Worries and Wish box is located in the school reception area and is checked by the Worries and Wishes Fairy every day. Alternatively you or your child can complete the online form below.


Don't forget our Pastoral Manager Julie Jones is always around with a listening ear.





To the Worry and Wishes Fairy