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Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are.

Welcome to the Y6B Class Page

Please find below home learning instructions for Year 6. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me: joanne.boyle@greave.stockport.sch.uk


One thing I'd like you all to continue with throughout the school being closed is reading.  You all know how much I love reading, and it makes such a huge difference to our ability to write, think, experience the world and build upon our creativity among lots of other things, too!  There are lots of free audio stories that you can find and listen to if you're stuck for books - I know lots of you prefer to listen to a book being read to you rather than reading it yourself.  


Keep smiling.  We will get through this together.  


Home Learning

Monday 1st March


Please watch today's lesson video below and then complete your task.

Holes Day 4 Lesson

Holes Chapter 6        Mild Comp Question Stems        Medium Comp Question Stems       Hot Comp Question Stems       Chilli Challenge Comp Question Stems


Before returning to school next week, I'd like you to recap some of the skills that we have already learned in Year 6.  Have a go at the Place Value activities below and please mark your work before uploading to ClassDojo. 

Mild Place Value       Medium Place Value        Hot Place Value

Mild Place Value Answers         Medium Place Value Answers          Hot Place Value Answers


Read through the PowerPoint. It starts off by getting you thinking about your local area and then moves on to discuss human and physical geography, before beginning to compare your area with a region in North America. Look through the different pictures of regions of North America and consider whet their culture is like, what the terrain is like, what the climate is like and what their population is like.

Your task is to choose one of the location cards (see the resources) and then use the question cards (also in resource document) to research your chosen area to then compare it with your own region.

Mild – Focus on two questions and record your research on worksheet 6A.

Medium – Focus on three questions and record your research on worksheet 6B.

Hot - Focus on four questions and record your research on worksheet 6C.

You can present your research however you like – an oral presentation; a PowerPoint; an information booklet or a poster. 

North America PowerPoint       North America Worksheets


Tuesday 2nd March


Please watch the video lesson below and then complete the task all about how Stanley feels. 

Holes Day 5 Lesson

Holes Day 5 Activity (typing friendly)          Holes Day 5 Activity (PDF)


Today's Maths activities are based on addition and subtraction.  Please look at the tasks below and complete.  If you choose the Hot task, you will need plenty of resilience today! Don't give up and keep thinking about that positive mindset! 

Mild Addition        Medium Inverse Operations         Hot Multi-step Problems

Mild Addition Answers        Medium Inverse Operations Answers        Hot Multi-Step Problems Answers


Because it's World Book Day on Thursday, today I'd like you to choose one of your favourite characters from a story.  I'd then like you to animate this character in Scratch.  Think about how to create a backdrop suitable for the character/story and also think about your sprite. 

Follow the link below, which will take you to the Scratch website.  Choose 'Tutorials' on the top menu and select 'Animate A Character'.

If you can share it on ClassDojo, then I'd love to see your creation! 

Scratch Website


Wednesday 3rd March


Please watch today's lesson where you will be told your activity. 

Holes Day 6 Lesson

Letter to Mum (typing friendly)          Letter to Mum (PDF)


Today in Maths you are carrying on looking at Addition/Subtraction.  Remember to mark your work! 

Mild Subtraction       Medium and Hot Addition and Subtraction

Mild Subtraction Answers        Medium and Hot Addition and Subtraction Answers


Today in Music you will be exploring a new note and reading more simple rhythms.  Watch the lesson video below and enjoy!


During the half term holiday, I've enjoyed doing Joe Wick's style workouts!  So it's time to go back and complete one of his HIIT style PE lessons.  You could join him live or complete one of his lessons that are saved on his YouTube channel. 


Thursday 4th March - World Book Day


Today is World Book Day.  I'd like you to look at the menu of activities below and choose two of them to complete today.  You know how passionate I am about reading, so I'd love it if you could share your completed activities with me.  

World Book Day Activity Menu          Potato Character Examples          Gruffalo Recipe Ideas


 In Maths today we are recapping Multiplication.  Think about all the different methods of Multiplication that you have been taught throughout school to help you with today's activities.  

Mild Factors and Multiples        Medium Multiplication       Hot Multiplication

Mild Factors and Multiples Answers       Medium Multiplication Answers       Hot Multiplication Answers


 Please look at today's lesson video and then complete the activity.  It is a bit tricky today, but don't worry.  As long as you try your best, that's all I could ever ask for.  

Science Lesson Video

Activity Sheet Classifying Species 

Friday 5th March


Please watch today's lesson video and then complete the words in context activity below.

Holes Day 7 Lesson

Word Wheel

Words in Context (typing friendly)          Words in Context (PDF) 


Today's activities need you to think about your decisions.  You need to make the answer by finding all the numbers that total (add up to) a given number.  I want all possibilities found and a question I will be asking is: how do you know you've found all possibilities?  

Mild Make the Answer           Medium Make the Answer          Hot Make the Answer


Today's North American Artist is the architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Have a look through the PowerPoint at some of his famous buildings that he made. 

Your activity is to then make a Building Block House using any resources that you can find.  It needs to be 3D and needs to be able to stand on its own without support of you (or a wall) to hold it upright.  Make sure you take the ideas from Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings and maybe even choose one to base your design on. 

I cannot wait to see how creative you are with your designs (an extra 10 points if cake is involved in your building block house!). 

Frank Lloyd Wright PPT