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Welcome to the Y3G and Y3W Remote Learning Page





Welcome to our home learning page. Every week you will find all the activities we would like you to do here with videos and other resources to help you. There will also be three live lessons each week for you to join. Details of the times of these will be confirmed on Friday. We would like you to share your work via class dojos or email.




Live Lessons

Weekly welcome:  3G Monday 9.00

                                     3W Monday 9.30

                                                       WOW WORDS                                                                  

hauling         lugging             tugging                 heaving

Adverbs:    cautiously       joyfully   rapidly    doubtfully  stealthily

miserably    angrily

 miniscule tiny 

colossal   huge   immense   enormous

extraordinary   graceful   powerful   mystical   incredible

                                                      MATHS VOCABULARY                                                        

     Less than         equals         greater than       the same as   

digit         hundreds          tens           ones


fewer     odd      even

factor     multiple   product


Weekly maths challenge

Monday 1st March                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

1.3.21 Missing number multiplication

Maths    I can find missing numbers in multiplication calculations


Watch Mrs Wilson’s Maths Moment.


Then solve the missing number calculations for your group below. Don’t forget to use arrays, number lines or anchor facts to help.


 Blue group



Red and orange groups

Green group 



Are these statements true or false? How do you know?





 Please watch Mrs Gillam's video first.


Example diary entries (link to a word document below):


 Diary entry extracts.docxDownload
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 .Please watch Mrs Gillam's video.



Handwriting  Today is a reminder about conjunctions in our handwriting task,

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1.3.21 Iron Man art

Art     Iron Man Art


Watch Mrs Wilson’s video.


Then using just a pencil, create your own drawing of the Iron Man. He may be stepping off the cliff, walking across the field or in the junk yard. Think about how to use your shading skills to create the 3D shapes in the picture. Remember the four rules of shading and use light and dark shades to create a 3D effect in your picture.


Remember the 4 rules of shading:

Even and neat

One direction

Straight edges

No gaps

Tuesday 2nd March                                                                                                                                                                                                             

2.3.21 Greater than and less than

Maths   I can use <,> and = with multiplication statements


Watch Mrs Wilson’s Maths Moment.


Then complete the problems below for your group.  Don’t forget to use arrays, number lines or anchor facts to help.


The challenge today is to make your own < and > statements using multiplication.


  1. Please watch Mrs Gillam's video.
  2. Blue group - cut out the pictures and put them in chronological order. Red and Orange group - cut out the pictures, put them in chronological order and complete the sentence for each image. Green group - cut out and order the pictures then write a sentence to go with each picture, try to start each sentence with a time conjunction. 



 Order the pics - blue group.pdf

Order the pics - red and orange group.pdf

Order the pics - green group.pdf


 Today's live lesson will help with today's reading activity.

.Please watch Mrs Gillam's video.

Handwriting  Today you are thinking about pronouns in handwriting.

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Science  Today you are investigating different coloured light.


First complete the powerpoint quiz to see how much of our work on light and shadows you can remember. Use the answer sheet to check your own answers at the end of the quiz.

 Light and shadows quiz.pptx

Quiz answers.PNG


Then you are going to investigate what happens when you shine light through different coloured transparent objects.


The best thing to use is coloured acetates which are transparent colours pieces of plastic like the wrappers you get on Quality sweets. If you don’t have anything like this, other possibilities are looking carefully through different coloured drinking glasses or coloured window panes or if you have cling film and sharpies colour some small squares of cling film red, blue, green, orange and yellow.

Then have a go at the experiment below.


Challenge: Try fixing different colours over a torch. What happens to the light? What happens if you fix two colours, one over another, on the torch?


Finally, you can use all your knowledge of light and shadow to create a shadow puppet play. You could use you Iron Man puppet or makes some other ones. Don’t forget to think about the size of your shadows and can you use your knowledge from today’s investigation to create different coloured lighting during your play?

Wednesday    3rd March                                                                                                                                                                                                  

3.3.21 using known facts to multiply multiples of 10

Maths  I can use know facts to work out new ones and multiply numbers by 10


Watch Mrs Wilson’s maths moment and then complete the work below for your group.                                  

        Green group




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1. Watch Mrs Gillam's video.

2. complete the plan for your group


Plan blue and orange.pdf

Plan red and green.pdf


 .Please watch Mrs Gillam's video.


 4 Q 3-3-21.pdfDownload
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Handwriting  Today's handwriting is all about suffixes.

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For French we are using the scheme of work provided by Language Angels.

This term our topic is fruits, 


  • This week please follow this link:




    • Then log in using the username and password that we sent in an email.

    • Choose Unit 6 'J’Apprends Le Français (I Am Learning French)' which is under the entry level section. Choose lesson 2



Thursday   4th March                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

4.3.21 Multiplying 2-digit numbers

Maths I can multiply a 2-digit number by 2, 3, 4 and 8


Watch Mrs Wilson’s maths moment


Then complete the calculations below for your group.




 Watch Mrs Gillam's video.



Happy World Book Day!!

Here is the link to the world book day website: 


It has lots of activities, recommendations, free audiobooks and lots, lots more for you to enjoy. 

We would love to see a picture of you celebrating World Book Day, or you could even send us a picture of you reading your current reading book.


Our usual video and  reading activity is below, just in case you can't wait for the next instalment of The Night Bus Hero!

Handwriting Today's handwriting is all about prefixes.

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This term our PE focus is Gymnastics. Each week you will practice different movements. Then in the final week of term you will sequence together some of your movements.

Please remember that if you are not confident with any of the moves please do not do them. Only do whatever you feel you can achieve and if you want to challenge yourself make sure you have the support of a grown up.

Make sure you use a space that allows you to carry out the movements, or adapt the movements to your space.

The link below takes you to a series of videos that you will use throughout the term to help with developing your movements and sequences.




I can perform a handstand


As with the forward rolls last week, you do not have to do a handstand to practice your balancing.

You could start with balancing using other body parts and work towards a handstand once you feel more confident.



Today is about balancing.

Do the warm up video first on the link above. Remember you can adapt it to how much space you have got at home.

Next watch the handstand video.

What is balancing?

It is when we keep our body still in a particular shape. You should be able to balance showing good control, so keep practicing if you wobble. Focus your eyes on one spot and use your core muscles.

Think about what body parts you could balance on?


Here are some ideas:

  • Stand on one leg.
  • Stand on your hands (a handstand)
  • Balance on your bottom, tummy or back
  • Make shapes by balancing using your hands and feet.

How many different ways can you balance?


Always think about what your other arms and legs are doing while you are balancing. Can you create an interesting shape to present your balance?


Friday   5th March                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


 Please complete the activities set on Mymaths and then play the game below either by yourself or with someone from your family


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  1. Edit your diary entry using your success criteria from yesterday.
  2. Complete your spelling lesson


Edit one of the sentences in your diary entry to include one of this weeks spellings.


Group 1 spelling lesson 5 March.pdf

Group 2 spelling lesson 5 March.pdf


.Please watch Mrs Gillam's video.


Handwriting Our final handwriting task for this week is to think about the months of the year.

 Months of the year.pdfDownload
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Today we are thinking about what makes us feel nervous. We will be thinking about this in our live lesson.




Year 3 topic web 1 for spring term 2021