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Welcome to the Y3G and Y3W Remote Learning Page





Welcome to our home learning page. Every week you will find all the activities we would like you to do here with videos and other resources to help you. There will also be three live lessons each week for you to join. Details of the times of these will be confirmed on Friday. We would like you to share your work via class dojos or email.




                                                       WOW WORDS                                                                  

hauling         lugging             tugging                 heaving

Adverbs:    cautiously       joyfully   rapidly    doubtfully  stealthily


                                                      MATHS VOCABULARY                                                        

     Less than         equals         greater than       the same as   

digit         hundreds          tens           ones


Monday 18th January                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

18.1.21 Adding and subtracting multiples of 10

Maths     I can add and subtract multiples of 10 and 100


Watch Mrs Wilson’s video


Then complete the correct or not correct activity for your group. Try to use some of this week’s important maths words in your explanation.



How many different ways can you think of to solve 134 + 90? Which is the most efficient?



Try using your place value counters, adding 100 and adjusting or partitioning and recording your thinking with jottings.

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Watch today's English videos below (One is the next instalment of The Iron Man, the other is an introduction to today's work)


 Today is all about using drama to help you plan your story, You are going think about what will happen in your story and act it out.

 I would love to see some pictures or videos of your freeze frame images!


There is more information on the sheet attached.


Monday 18th January.pdf


Listen to todays instalment of The Boy With The Bronze Axe.

I have also  included Friday's reading as you may want to listen to it again for today's activity.


I want you to reflect on the whale scene in The Boy with the Bronze Axe. What message do you think the author was trying to get across when she wrote this?  What did you think about the text? Why do you think the author gave so much detail about the killing of the whale?


You might start your sentence or paragraph with:

The author wrote about the killing of the whale because…



Today you are practising your horizontal joins. Copy the sentences caefully and make sure you start each work on the line.

 horizontal join practice.pdfDownload
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Today we are drawing objects and observing as many details to include in our drawing as possible. We are just using a pencil so will not be colouring in our picture.


Watch Mrs Wilson’s video below.


Then experiment drawing black and white pictures of different object using just a pencil.


How much detail can you include in your drawing? Can you make a 3D object look £d in your picture?

Drawing objects

Tuesday 19th January                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

19.1.21 Greater than and less than

Maths  I can use the symbols for less than, equals and greater 


Watch Mrs Wilson’s video


Then complete group's  compare my number sheet.

First draw an image for each number.

Then remember to use clear reasons when explaining the similarities and differences. Try to use some of the maths vocabulary on this week’s maths vocabulary wall.

Finally write statements using < and >.



There is a challenge activity below. How many different statements can you find?



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Watch  my videos below, todays instalment of The Iron Man and an introduction today's English task.


I can plan my fantasy story.


Use the sheets attached for your group to plan your fantasy story.

I have made a plan for the Iron Man as an example to help you (below).


Blue group:

Remember your story needs a:

Beginning: Tell us about your character and where the story is set.

Middle: Tell us what happens. Is there a problem, maybe a fight or disagreement?

End: How is the problem solved? Which character makes everything ok?


 Blue plan.pdf

Blue Word prompts.pdf



Remember your story needs

Beginning: Where is your story set, introduce the main character.


Build up: Introduce more characters and say what is going to happen in the story. Why might there be a problem later on? 


Problem: Introduce your villain. How does the villain cause a conflict or a problem. 


Resolution: How is the problem solved? Think back to your characters and who might help to solve the problem.


Orange-Red-Green story mountain plan.pdf

 Example plan for The Iron Man.pdf

Story checklist.pdf


 For children learning from home, the live lesson will help with today's activity.


Blue Q's 19-1-21.pdf


orange red green

4 Q 19-1-21.pdf



 Today you are practising your diagonal joins. Copy the sentences caefully and make sure you start each work on the line.

 diagonal join practice.pdfDownload
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Science    I can investigate reflectors and light



Before your science lesson, you will need to make a ‘cave’ by covering a table or two chairs with a blanket.


Cut out the colour squares and collect some small toys.


Once you have prepared your cave, complete the quiz powerpoint.

After the quiz, start your cave experiment.  The powerpoint will give you instructions for your cave experiment.


Don't forget to fill in your experiment sheet once you have finished the cave experiment.

 Light lesson 2 starter quiz.pptxDownload
 Reflectors and light cave experiment.pptxDownload
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Wednesday           20.1.21                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

20.1.21 What's my number?

Maths I can use my knowledge of place value to identify 3-digit numbers

Watch Mrs Wilson’s maths video


Then complete the activity below for your group.

The challenge for your group is included on the sheet. 


 what is-my-numbers-blue.pdfDownload
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I can write my fantasy story.


This is it! It’s time to write your fantasy story. Spend a little bit of time looking back at all the work you have done over the last 2 weeks. It’s all there to help you.

Let the story of The Iron Man inspire you!

Remember to use your plan from yesterday. You might want to include:


Beginning: Describe your character and where the story is set.

Middle: Tell us what happens. Is there a problem, maybe a fight or disagreement? You might use words like bang, crash, clink here.

End: How is the problem solved? Which character makes everything ok?


Orange red green

Beginning: you need to set the scene, say where your story is set and use some of the features we identified last week to add suspense to your opening. Introduce your characters.


Build up: Talk more about your characters and what is going to happen in the story. Why might there be a problem later on? Who is the villain? You could include adverbs here.


Problem: Talk more about your villain. How does the villain cause a conflict or a problem. Make this the most exciting part of your story. Here you could add onomatopoeia. Don' forget to describe using adjectives.


Resolution: How is the problem solved? Think back to your characters and who might help to solve the problem.


Here is your success criteria:


Aa .


Structure: Mysterious opening, Build up, Dilemma/problem, Resolution – how is the problem solved

Magical main character

Adverbs to help build excitement




Questions to hook the reader

Present your work in paragraphs



 I would expect groups Red and Green to do the challenges, but you can all have a go and challenge yourselves as much as you want.



Fact dump!


Read the non fiction text below.

You can read it as many times as you like.

When you are ready, cover the text and write down as many facts as you can remember!




 Today you have some handwriting using conjunctions. Make sure you do the horizontal and diagonal joins correctly.

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For French we are using the scheme of work provided by Language Angels.

This term our topic is fruits, we did lesson  1 last week.


  • This week please follow this link:



  • Then log in using the username and password that we sent in an email.

  • Choose Unit 5 'Fruits' which is under the entry level section. Choose lesson 2.



Thursday    21st January                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Problem solving

Maths I can solve word problems with 2-digit and 3-digit numbers using place value


Watch Mrs Wilson’s video


Then complete the problems below for your group. There is a challenge question on your work if you are feeling confident.


 book problems green.pdfDownload
 book problems-blue.pdfDownload
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I can edit my fantasy story.


Today’s live lesson will help with editing your story.


  • Your first task today is to read your story. You can read it to yourself or read it out loud.


  • Use your success criteria from yesterday to check if there is anything you can add to improve your writing.


  • The first thing you might want to check is your punctuation. Have all your sentences got full stops and capital letters in the right places.
  • Make sure your writing makes sense. Does is sound right when you read it? If not, try writing the sentence out again so that it makes sense.
  • Next you could have a look for your verbs, have you used an adverb to give the reader more information? If not, could you add an adverb.
  • Have you used adjectives to describe your characters and your setting?


You don’t have to write over the top of your writing, you could write below your story in a different colour.


 Create a timeline of events so far in The Boy with the Bronze Axe.



Today you will be thinking about adverbs. Remember to join your letters correctly and make sure the tall letters are tall enough.

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Over the next few weeks you are going to choreograph and perform your own Iron Man dance.


Today you are planning the first part of your dance. I want you to think about the first chapter of The Iron Man. He falls off the cliff and falls to pieces. Then, when he is fixed, he wades into the sea.


Focus: Big, slow movements. Twisting, reaching spiralling.


Warm up: for 5 minutes run or walk around the room or your garden changing shape as you go. You can do whatever movements you like, you could reach up high, touch the floor, roll, jump, and repeat.


Lesson: Plan and practise four movements that represent The Iron Man in the first chapter.

(For example: twisting could represent him falling, crawling could represent him looking for his body parts. Standing tall and making giant steps could represent him wading into the water and jumping up high could represent him peeping over the waves. Be as creative as you want, these are just ideas, you plan whatever moves you feel represents The Coming of The Iron Man.)

You could make notes to remember your 4 moves.

Practise them in sequence to the music. Listen to the music and try to make your moves match the beat. Repeat the sequence and try to change from one move to the other smoothly. You could even add a still image for a few seconds, like we used in drama earlier in the week.


 Here is the link to the music, I hope you like it:)






Friday   22nd  January                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



Today we would like you to complete the Mymaths activities set.


Here are your new spellings and the spelling lessons.


Group 1 spelling lesson 22nd Jan.pdf

Group 2 spelling lesson 22nd Jan.pdf


Blue and Orange groups: write down some words to explain how The Boy with the Bronze Axe makes you feel.


Red and Green groups: Write a paragraph explaining how The Boy with the Bronze Axe makes you feel as a reader.



 Today you are looking at proverbs. Remember to join the letters carefully and always start on the line. Don't join the capitals to other letters.


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Today we will be exploring responsibility in our local environment. We will be working together to think about what this means in our live lesson and then I would like you to make a poster about your responsibilities in our local environment.












This week's class book

The Twits part 3

The Twits part 4

The Twits part 5

Year 3 topic web 1 for spring term 2021