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Romiley Active Neighbourhood


You may have recently noticed yellow signs have gone up in Romiley to invite people to take part in consultation on a proposed ‘Active Neighbourhood’.  A group called ‘Walk Ride Romiley’, in conjunction with S.M.B.C. have successfully made a £3.9m bid to make walking and cycling improvements to Romiley. The money comes from The Mayors Challenge Fund.

The vision is to revamp the village to encourage more people to leave the car behind for short journeys, and to make it safer for children to walk, scoot or cycle to school.

We experience a number of issues with traffic and parking around Greave Primary School and the school is included in the area covered by the Scheme.  We therefore wish to support the scheme and we would encourage people to actively take part in the engagement/consultation process (see below).

The bid includes:-

Improvements for pedestrians in the village centre, making it easier to cross Compstall Road and other side roads;

A safe cycle route from Romiley to Stockport town centre, which would also help children reach Harrytown and Werneth schools on bike;

Three new pedestrian/cycle crossings on Compstall/Stockport Road — outside the Stock Dove; near Green Lane (to improve pedestrian access to Aldi and benefit residents of new retirement village) and outside the station, possibly replacing the crossing by the old post office;

The upgrade of the footpath from Cherry Tree to Hyde Bank farm, including resurfacing with Flexipave, and timed, eco-friendly lighting;

The trial of an "active neighbourhood" north of Compstall Road to slow down traffic, cut rat-running and make it easier and safer to walk or cycle;

A more pleasant street environment with new planters/trees and ‘park areas’;

Making it easier to access and enjoy the canal.

The Scheme would also encourage play streets and school streets and will go towards delivering Romiley’s section of the BEE NETWORK – an 1800- mile network of walking and cycling routes across Greater Manchester.

Walk Ride Romiley believes that investing in safe cycling and walking routes will reduce congestion and save significant sums of money in the long term. If fewer people drive, air quality should improve, reducing rates of asthma and other respiratory conditions. The health of those who leave the car at home for short journeys should increase, saving the NHS significant sums for the treatment of obesity-related conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. It will also help reduce carbon emissions: a crucial step in fighting climate change. 

It will also make Romiley and the surrounding areas an even nicer place to live!!!



The public engagement/ consultation is open until 23rd October 2020.  An online interactive map has been created which allows you to flag issues and make comments (please note that comments can be added outside the highlighted area). The Engagement page can be found at https://romiley.commonplace.is

As well as commenting on the website, you can also make contact by writing to: Services to Place, Stopford House, Stockport, SK1 3XE or phoning (0161) 217 6043 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

The more people involved, the better the needs of the whole community will be reflected so please also share the project with people you know locally.  We hope that if enough issues and comments are flagged on the roads in the area around Greave and our school then some positive action may be taken to improve the situation.

Walk Ride Romiley also have a Facebook page with more information at: -https://www.facebook.com/groups/walkrideromiley/?ref=share.