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Year 5B - Miss Boyle

Welcome to Year 5


Everyone has settled into Year 5 exceptionally well, and are all eager to continue with their learning and further develop in their time in Year 5.  We have lots to look forward to this year, including having a visitor from an author to discuss Greek Myths with us, and also, later on in the year, a trip to the Hat Works in Stockport.


Learning in Year 5 is much more independent, however we love to have the opportunity to work in groups to build up to out independent learning.  We are constantly developing our team work skills (one of Greave's five capabilities) by working together in teams during learning time, but also by earning Dojo points for our class houses that can eventually earn us rewards!


We love to celebrate work in Year 5, and you will see lots of work displayed in our classroom which will constantly be changing, to keep up with the work that we are doing.  There is an exciting year ahead, and I hope you are ready to embark on the journey with us.

What have Year 5 been up to?

We have been taking part in the BBC Terrific Scientific live lessons. This has included watching lessons live, and also taking part in experiments.  The idea of this is that children across the country (9-11 year olds) will help to gather real research for the BBC and it is a great opportunity for our school to take part. 

Take a look at some of the things we have been up to with it! 

BBC Terrific Scientific

Music is such a valuable part of the curriculum, as it is the only subject that engages both parts of the brain at once.  Have a look at how we are developing our music skills this year.