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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Picture 1 Mrs Williams Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Atkins Assistant Headteacher/EY Lead Teacher
Picture 3 Mr Norton Assistant Headteacher/Year 6 Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Jones Pastoral Manager
Picture 5 Mrs Dobbins Business Manager
Picture 6 Mr Billinge Site Manager
Picture 7 Mrs Murray Admin Assistant
Picture 8 Mrs Halsall Admin Assistant
Picture 9 Miss Smith School Secretary
Picture 10 Mrs McLoughlin Early Birds and Night Owls Manager
Picture 11 Mrs Nicholson Nursery Class Teaching Assistant
Picture 12 Mrs McKenzie Teaching Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs Sherwood Nursery Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Miss Adams Reception Class Teacher
Picture 15 Miss Sander Reception Class Teacher
Picture 16 Miss Bennett Reception Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Miss Metcalfe Year 1M Class Teacher
Picture 18 Mr Smith Year 1S Class Teacher
Picture 19 Mrs Crawshaw Year 2 Class Teacher
Picture 20 Mrs Townsend Y2 Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Mrs Wilson Acting Deputy Head/Year 3 Class Teacher
Picture 22 Mrs Moran HLTA Year 3
Picture 23 Mrs Smith Year 4 Class Teacher
Picture 24 Mrs Clayton Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Miss Roberts Year 5R Class Teacher
Picture 26 Mrs Plant Year 5R Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Miss Boyle Year 5B Class Teacher
Picture 28 Mrs Thompson HLTA/Librarian
Picture 29 Mrs Hatton PPA/Group work
Picture 30 Mrs Coulson HLTA
Picture 31 Mrs Edwards SENDCO
Picture 32 Mrs Clarke Early Bird & Night Owl Play Worker