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Since 2016 the National Curriculum requires that children are now assessed against a clear set of age expectations and each school has been required to develop its own system of assessment.


Children will be teacher assessed against criteria set out in The Interim assessment Framework. This is reproduced below for parent's information. Year 6 children have also been tested in Reading, Maths and Spelling and Grammar, with these tests producing a result that will be reported to parents. The tests examined the standards achieved against the newer heightened expectations of the New national Curriculum.


The school report sent to parents this year will report on attainment using the terms:


  • Working towards age related expectations 
  • Meeting  age related expectations 
  • Has a deepening understanding and mastery of the curriculum, for those children who are very secure and are working at greater depth.


Parents should be aware that the new assessment framework would expect more able children to be working at greater depth within their expected age band, rather than working at a higher age expectation. This differs from the previous assessment system of levels.